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Welcome to Squandle, technical analysis software, with free end-of-day (EOD) data.

Free End-of-Day data is provided by Quandl’s Wiki EOD Stock Prices database containing end of day stock prices for thousands of U.S. companies over three North American exchanges; the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX.

A Quandl account is not required, but unregistered users are limited to 50 requests per day. Individuals who do not have a Quandl account can register for a free account at www.quandl.com.

Quandl’s WIKI database is typically updated within 6 hours of the close; however, since it is crowd-sourced, the delivery time cannot be guaranteed. Please visit www.quandl.com/WIKI for a full list of stocks available from the database.

Squandle does not include the following features:

  • No backtesting
  • No optimization
  • No scanner
  • No alerts
  • No custom indicators
  • No data feed (ex. Quandl)
  • No broker interface
  • Plus more…


Pre-alpha Releases

These pre-alpha downloads are portable versions of Squandle, they are self contained and do not share settings. If your upgrading and would like to migrate your settings just copy over the config folder that resides in the same director as the squandle executable, on a Mac the config folder is located inside the application bundle (Squandle.app/Contents/MacOS/config)

Pre-alpha 1

Based on Latinum 3.1.1